From Unwanted Shirt to Tote Bag

Hi Lovelies!

I have a super quick DIY for you today, that’s both cute and doesn’t require any new materials… which means free!

I had this tank top which has definitely seen better days. I really liked it but it was already too faded to be worn outdoors, and I didn’t feel that in was in a good enough condition to be donated.

You could of course recycle fabric at certain locations where the cloth gets used for rags or upcycled, but I wanted to extend the life of this shirt by just a bit more.

shirt before tote bag

Step 1:

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Goodbye Josh

You may remember my interview with Josh.  Re-reading it makes me smile every time.


Josh’s positivity and outlook on life has touched so many people. And it is truly with a heavy heart that I must let you know of  Josh’s passing.

It’s incredible how much good he was able to spread, making people laugh every step of the way. He has even written a book to help others going through a similar battle. The book is titled The Funny Thing About Cancer, and you can order here.


He will be missed by all.




Jeanne Lottie Sample Sale

Jeanne Lottie Sample Sale

Nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, on a quaint street in Yorkville, you can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful Pink House.  Even if you’re not familiar with the brand which means “true happiness” in Chinese, the colour alone will do it! It’s not everyday you come across a pink house.

Inside, the house still maintains its beautiful Victorian architecture and detail, with a fun flair which fits the brand to a T!

1   12

Under the pretense that I absolutely need a new purse I headed to the Jeanne Lottie sample sale, to check out their wide selection of work totes, spring handbags, clutches, and multi-coloured awesomeness! Read more

Gather for the Brunchkins – Lots of Makeup and Good Things!

Gather for the Brunchkins – Lots of Makeup and Good Things!

As you know Gather in Bowmanville hosted ‘Gather For The Brunchkins’ to raise money for Brunchkins which is a great local cause. The event was super successful! Everyone had a great time and tons of money and food donations were raised. I had the privilege of meeting wonderful women and doing mini-makeovers using Arbonne Makeup.

Gather for Brunchkins @splattershare

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Twitter and Christine Teigen

Twitter and Christine Teigen

 posted a link to a page featuring Christine Teigen, and why she should be our new girl crush. To be honest, I had no idea who Christine Teigen is. I clicked on the link, saw some pictures of a girl with a gorgeous face, really cool style, and thin legs.

Personally I’ve always struggled with my weight;  it’s a constant battle. I’m average but I really have to watch it, as gaining weight is way too easy. Being fat is quite possible,  being skinny however, seems like this mythical land where girls with no problems go. I thought skinny girls were ‘lucky’. They didn’t have to worry about putting an outfit together – they could pick any jeans from their closet and a tight t-shirt, and not worry about their love handles. They could wear shorts! And short skirts! And they were always game for a pool party.

I Have gone through ups and downs as a teenager, having had a negative body image for a long time, and experiencing a close friend go through anorexia and bulimia, I never let myself want to emulate skinny girls. I didn’t want to idolize them and think of them as something to strive towards. I thought it would throw me down the path of anorexia and bulimia too. Skinny girls were ‘the other’. Yes of course now that I’m an adult I realize that you can be skinny and healthy. You can be naturally skinny, you can be skinny as a result of a lot of hard work, many hours at the gym etc. We should never judge people based on their appearance. You never know what battle someone else is fighting. I take that very seriously when it comes to other facets of life, but when it comes to weight I guess I still haven’t fully figured it out.

So back to Christine. After seeing her pictures, I went to twitter and commented that shes’ a classy girl but way too skinny. I could have written about how pretty she is, or her cool style but I didn’t filter and wrote that she’s too skinny. I had no malicious intent, and didn’t know that she herself would actually read the tweet (Christine is actually huge on twitter as it turns out). And quite frankly, and this is where I take full responsibility, I didn’t think “too skinny” would be hurtful. I have never experienced someone calling me ‘too skinny’. I have also never been in the public eye and been judged on my appearance. Christine took the high road and said that you should never negatively comment on anyone’s body type; and she’s right. I felt like an asshole all night. 

I looked up Christine Teigen and realized she’s a swimsuit model. That’s when I realized that “too skinny” is not just an observation, and is definitely not a positive. She gets judged on her appearance on a daily basis – be it by fans, haters, magazines, or those responsible for her next job. There are agencies and brands out there deciding if she’s skinny enough, or fat enough to represent their products. You have to have some tough skin to handle that. I commend anyone in that industry. We shouldn’t judge anyone, ever. You don’t know how your words will impact somebody else. I didn’t mean to offend Christine with my words, and I would like to think that this experience has taught me a valuable lesson which I will carry forward. Christine, if you ever read this blog post, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, and thank you for the life lesson.

You know what? The more I look up this girl, the more I have to agree with I now know why she’s my new girl crush!


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Christine Teigen convo

Organized slew of scarves!

Organized slew of scarves!

Thought I’d try a DIY…or rather a quick organizational tip.

I kept seeing this everywhere. Apparently a great way to organize your scarves is to hang them on hangers. The great thing about this method is that you actually see what you own. As you can see below I used to keep my scarves in a storage box (which I think is quite cute). This box doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is easy to store in my closer…but I also have no idea what’s in there. Not to mention that scarves get really wrinkly when stores in such a manner.

before: Scarves @spalttershare

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Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha

Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha

I think everyone should know about this shoe! The Nine West Rocha.

This is the best $100 you’ll spend. I have plenty of shoes which are adorable at first but you can’t actually get any use out of them because your feet kill after a few hours (if that). I got the burgundy ones a couple of years ago, at the time because they were on sale, and have pretty much lived in them since. This is an excellent work shoe because it’s stylish, gives you enough height to work really well with pencil skirts due to the small platform and 3.5″ heel, and most importantly comfortable. I love the shape of the toe too – it’s not too pointy, which I find too sexy for the office, but it’s not too round, which I find boring and old fashioned. It’s just right!

This is the time of year when many shoes go on sale, and I love saving money, but this is one thing I will not compromise on, and $100 for a pair of shoes is great anyway! I just got the black ones, and I have a feeling they will have a good life.


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Tip of the Day – Grammer

Tip of the Day – Grammer

Ok, so this tip is not about fashion but if you master it you will definitely have an edge on most people.

Here goes:

THERE = Place. “Put that over there”

THEIR = Possession. “That’s their laptop”

THEY’RE = They are. You’re just condensing the 2 words by replacing the Y with an apostrophe. “They’re nice people”

Let me know if you have questions. It’s very simple, but for some reason many adults fails to understand simple and basic concepts. I hope this was helpful!