It IS Easy Being Green

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Hi lovelies!

Sustainability and green living is close to my heart. I’m that friend that makes sure everyone else recycles, and brings reusable water bottles. But even I have been making recycling mistakes and I wanted to share a few waste management lessons with you today.
It’s important to note that recycling rules and regs are not only country specific but city specific, which IMHO is nuts!! But until all municipalities are unified, it’s up to us to take responsibility and learn about what is and isn’t recyclable where we live. It’s also up to us to try and make a difference and potentially improve the process along the way.

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Things to do in Toronto when the weather is miserable!


Even though this weather is fickle and it’s only actually winter every other week, I thought I’d put together a list of fun things to do for those intermittent miserable days.
This list is targeted towards Toronto, since that’s where I live, but no reason you can’t do the same activities in your own town. Read more

Tea and Tiaras

I had the absolute privilege to attend the second annual Tea and Tiaras event benefiting Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada at the beautiful Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday on a warm fall day in the city. It was a girl’s day complete with fabulous decor, yummy treats, inspiring stories, celebrity guests, silent auction & raffle, and of course an unforgettable fashion show with footwear brought to you by Malu.

Teas and Tiaras Table

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Jeanne Lottie – A Timeless Toronto Gem

Jeanne Lottie – A Timeless Toronto Gem

In the world of fashion passing the test of time is a real feat. When a company celebrates its first year in business and continues on it’s quite impressive. When a company celebrates 5 years it must be doing something right, and 10 is a real achievement. Now fast forward another 20 years, and you get the beautiful, and proudly Canadian, Jeanne Lottie. Jeanne Lottie, which celebrates its 30 year anniversary on April 1st 2015, is a unique brand of handbags with the most diverse customer base, and truly something for everyone.

   Jl purses 2

A  Schulich School of Business grad, Jane had an innate creativity that just couldn’t be tamed. Armed with her creative mind and business savvy, Jane and her sister Charlotte began what is now a true Toronto staple.

The name Jeannie Lottie is derived from the names of the 2 original founders Jane and Charlotte, and coincidentally means true happiness in Chinese. I had the pleasure of speaking with  Jane, and learning more about Jeanne Lottie.


How did you get started? Why handbags?

At the time, in 1985, there was a void in the market. Everything was so boring! I wanted to create fun handbags – I wanted to create my own unique designs. I love to sketch and experiment with different colours, fabrics, and textures, and our technicians help bring my visions to life.

What was your biggest challenge starting out?

Stores thinking that we were too different. They’d say our purses were wonderful window pieces but not ones to be sold. I guess the window pieces drew the customers in after all!

What makes Jeanne Lottie different today?

We are located in a pink house, where we are girly yet polishes, fun yet stylish, and accessible. You can walk out with 5 bags and still be happy, because you didn’t break the bank!

JL purse 2


Do you find yourself governed by current trends?

No, actually I think that sets us apart too. I don’t follow trends too closely but somehow we get it right…maybe I’m psychic?

Where do you draw inspiration?

You, everything around me, everything around us! Inspiration is everywhere.

What strikes you most now that the brand is 30?

We’ve always had customers of all ages – ranging 8-80! But now we’re seeing the next generation of handbag lovers. We’re seeing moms that used to buy handbags when they were little girls, come in with their daughters. It’s so encouraging!

Who is your fashion icon?

Betsey Johnson &  Audrey Hepburn mixed

That description of Jane’s fashion icon captures perfectly the Jeanne Lottie aesthetic!

Nestled in the heart of Yorkville, in a pink house, you can’t miss this not-so-hidden gem.  You can also find Jeanne Lottie in Browns Shoes, Capezio, at the CN Tower, and select Shoppers Drug Marts. Speaking from experience you’re sure to get compliments on your arm candy  everywhere you go!

Jl purses 1




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Jeanne Lottie Sample Sale

Jeanne Lottie Sample Sale

Nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, on a quaint street in Yorkville, you can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful Pink House.  Even if you’re not familiar with the brand which means “true happiness” in Chinese, the colour alone will do it! It’s not everyday you come across a pink house.

Inside, the house still maintains its beautiful Victorian architecture and detail, with a fun flair which fits the brand to a T!

1   12

Under the pretense that I absolutely need a new purse I headed to the Jeanne Lottie sample sale, to check out their wide selection of work totes, spring handbags, clutches, and multi-coloured awesomeness! Read more

An Interview With Josh!

An Interview With Josh!

Good Morning Lovelies!

In this week’s giveaway we’re going to do things a little differently – backwards, if you will. I already know who the winner is, in fact I’m going to tell you all about him. I had the privilege of talking to Josh Haddon who’s a hilarious guy, and at the age of only 29 he’s a serial entrepreneur, comedian, comedy club owner, public speaker, writer, and in his own words “fighting cancer like a boss”. In this week’s Giveaway Malu will be making a custom pair of shoes for Josh.

“Life looked at me and said, ‘you can’t possibly be this happy, and be living your dream, doing what you love’ and it gave me cancer.” Josh says. Being a comedian and possessing the gift-of-the-gab he makes light of any situation, and is able to lift spirits anywhere he goes. When it comes to having cancer, Josh says “I thought it would be hypocritical if I didn’t deal with this like I deal with everything else – with humour and with laughter, and help laugh in the face of one of the toughest times” This talent to connect with people made Josh number one on Reddit’s Ask Me anything, beating out celebrities to grab the first spot. Hundreds if not thousands of people approached Josh with personal questions, or curiosities, seeking help advice and answers. This made Josh realized that through his words he can be helping thousands of people – Cancer patients and their families. And so, his book The Funny Thing About Cancer was born. He hopes to be able to finish it and distribute it to 1,000 cancer centers across Canada, and I think we can help.

There was a crowdfunding campaign done already, but the goal is not yet reached, so today I wanted to tell you about Josh & his book. And if his cause so moves you, do consider pitching in!

During my interview with Josh we chatted about traveling, fashion, and dreams. Here’s a look into that conversation:

(ME) Did you always want to be a comedian?

(J) I always wanted to be on stage. I couldn’t sing, and I was a lousy guitar player, so comedy it was! I hated public speaking though… but I always liked a challenge. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? So in grade 8 I gave it a go.

Was your first attempt successful?

It was awful! Awful! But you have to create a habit. The more I did it the more comfortable I became with it. Now I am a public speaker, and I love it. I feel comfortable speaking with anyone.

What motivated you to push past your fears in grade 8?

I think I wanted to impress girls! Also the naysayers, or ‘haters’ as we call them in 2015. Whenever someone says I can’t do something it pushes me to prove them wrong.

Was your career a straight path into Comedy?

I used to run a timeshare company in my early twenties, and I was very financially successful at it. It became the biggest timeshare company in Canada, but it was so stressful. To the point that I ended up having a stroke at the age of 25. The stress wasn’t worth it, and it wasn’t my passion. So I sold the company and went back to comedy. I started writing for blogs here and there, and did some gigs. Eventually I decided to open my own comedy club in Windsor, Ontario .

What are 5 things you want to accomplish this year?

  1. Well not die would be number 1.
  2. I want to finish my book, and be able to distribute it to cancer centers across Canada for free.
  3. I want to be able to raise enough money to help my parents financially.
  4. Get back on the road and do speaking engagements.
  5. And I want to travel to Asia – to Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji, Philippines, and I want to backpack across it.

What was the number one question you were asked on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything?

People wanted to know how I have such a positive attitude. Many also asked me how to connect with their friend, uncle etc. who has cancer – how to approach it, and what to talk about. To which my answer is: Be candid. Just be genuine. Everyone is different but to me candidness is the most important.

This being a fashion blog, I have to ask, where do you stand when it comes to fashion:

I actually think that fashion is important! It’s your sense of identity. As much as I hate to place importance on materialistic things, it’s about the first impression people get of you, and the first thing they notice. New clothes or a new pair of kicks can make you feel really good!

Beards and Man-buns?

Oh you mean lumber-sexuals? Whatever works man! If it makes you feel good, and makes your life easier because you leave your house with your head held high – that’s great. Are we really going to end the interview on lumber-sexuals?



Thank you to all of you for reading and following the blog along. Talking to Josh puts a smile on your face, and I hope that he’ll be able to touch as many lives with his positivity as possible. Let’s help Josh do that, and bring The Funny Thing About Cancer to 1000 cancer clinics across Canada.

So go ahead and peruse through Josh’s website and social media and see what you learn! Share your thoughts in the comments below, let’s get a conversation going.

One person will be randomly selected from the comments below, and the shoes for Josh will be presented on your behalf!!


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Preloved’s Julia Grieve talks success!

Preloved’s Julia Grieve talks success!

Julia Grieve, the beautiful fashionable and successful woman behind Preloved, was generous enough to sit down with me for a chat where she let me pick her brain. Having started her own business at a very young age, Julia definitely knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship!

“When I started my business I was young and not afraid of anything. Ignorance can truly be bliss! I knew exactly what I wanted and I went after it. I, of course, could not have done it without the support we got from the city, without my family, or without my modelling experience.”

She credits her attention to detail and meticulous eye for fit to her career as an international model.

“Wearing some of the most expensive brands in the world teaches you about how clothing should fit, and feel.”

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New Jewelry Giveaway!

New Jewelry Giveaway!

Welcome to another giveaway and a chance to raise awareness towards another fantastic organization, brought to you by Malu!

Every store carrying Malu products selects a charity or an organization within its community towards which Malu donates 5% of the sales. In the case of T2B, this week’s featured organization, the store supporting it is Clyde Hatch Boutique, located also in Windsor Ontario, where you can find beautiful Malu shoes and accessories. Read more

Big News!! Hint: Free stuff you can feel good about!

Big News!! Hint: Free stuff you can feel good about!

Hi Lovelies!

I have some really great news to share with everyone! 

If you’ve read my posts on Malu and the great work that they do, you know that the brand creates absolutely beautiful shoes and gives back to the community with every sale. I adore this idea so much that Maria and I have teamed up to bring to you weekly giveaways! Of course no giveaway is complete without giving back to the community so what we’ve decided to do is pick an organization each week and help raise awareness towards it – do that and you’ll be entered to win the weekly prize.

To participate:  Check out the weekly organization and comment 1 tidbit of info you’ve discovered about them. That’s it!

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Giving Back to the Community – Malu & Sheena’s Place

Giving Back to the Community – Malu & Sheena’s Place

As you know I recently met Maria from Malu and really fell in love with the idea behind the brand. The mission behind the beautiful monarch butterfly outsoles, and the rest of the pieces, is to give back to the community. As part of my getting to know Maria and Malu I got to attend a donor recognition evening and see firsthand the difference that Malu, and other sponsors, make in local communities.

On February 4th 2015 I attended Sheena’s Place donor recognition evening hosted at the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon in the Toronto Reference Library. The evening consisted of beautiful music, thanks to the Cecilia String Quartet, great catering, and of course wine!! Throughout the fun of the evening several speeches were given by the founders, board members, and members involved with Sheena’s place to help convey its importance and purpose. Read more

Trying New Things! – The Gun Range

Trying New Things! – The Gun Range

I’m normally pretty girly but I also love to try new things! Be it new products, new foods, or a new activity I’m usually game.

skydiving 3 @splattershare

Skydiving? Of course! Let’s do it!

This weekend I tried something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – shooting! We went to a gun range in Brantford (West of Toronto… WAY WEST). A word of caution if you’re trying to book for a Saturday keep in mind that it’s the busiest day so you’ll have to book way in advance. If you’re heading down on a weeknight, which is what we did, give yourself time to battle 401 traffic. When you finally make it there, it’s going to feel like you’ve reached the end of the world, but as soon as you step inside you’ll find the guys working there to be very friendly and welcoming.  I had no idea what to expect so I thought I would at least try to look the part. Here’s the look: Read more

Why the Beginning of winter is just…awful!

Why the Beginning of winter is just…awful!

Every year when fall begins to arrive I look outside and start day dreaming about all of the outfits I’m going to pull together. I start planning beautiful walks in the park surrounded by the changing foliage, sporting a boots-sweater-scarf combo in beautiful deep hues. I bust out my sweaters, put away beachwear, do a mini overhaul in the process and excitedly await my opportunity to get out there and enjoy. But before I have the chance to soak in the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and light sunshine, I find myself miserably crawling along the highway cursing winter driving. Fall is just a prelude for the wrath of winter which inevitably creeps up on us far too quickly. One day you’re debating which fall boots to wear, and the next you’re cleaning snow off your car! While I’m definitely thankful that I’m not in Buffalo right now, I feel like I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to fall. It came and went so fast. I’m sorry if I’m not my usual optimistic self, but a girl’s gotta rant!

Now that winter is here I feel confused and unprepared. Quite frankly I’m excited for weekends during winter – cool walks in my awesome new boots, snow tubing, skiing, and playing in the snow. But weekdays are a whole different beast, especially if you’re getting dressed for work: Read more

Gather for the Brunchkins – Lots of Makeup and Good Things!

Gather for the Brunchkins – Lots of Makeup and Good Things!

As you know Gather in Bowmanville hosted ‘Gather For The Brunchkins’ to raise money for Brunchkins which is a great local cause. The event was super successful! Everyone had a great time and tons of money and food donations were raised. I had the privilege of meeting wonderful women and doing mini-makeovers using Arbonne Makeup.

Gather for Brunchkins @splattershare

Doesn’t this station just put a smile on your face?? Read more

Gather Adventures! A Not-So-Hidden Gem

Gather Adventures! A Not-So-Hidden Gem

I have discovered a new gem, and although this store has been around for years now, it was a first for me because I have never been to Bowmanville before. Bowmanville is about 45 min East of the city, and it sure looks like I’ll be coming back!

The store I’m talking about is Gather, and it is the cutest boutique I have been to! All of the items are hand selected by the lovely Karen, and are all unique in their own right.

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

How pretty is she?!

Karen doesn’t buy entire lines necessarily, or even outfits that are meant to be worn together. She uses her personal style, intuition, and love of fabulous things to source individual pieces that will appeal to her customers.

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareWhat I personally loved about this store, aside from the fact that it’s huge and you feel like a kid in a candy store, is the fact that as different and unique as the items are they are not outrageous and you can picture yourself wearing everything. There is an interesting story when it comes to every piece in the store. If you pick Karen’s brain she can tell you where everything was made and how it found its place into her store. The prices are not cheap but are completely affordable, and definitely reflect the excellent quality! Not to mention that the chances of someone else wearing the same outfit are slim!

Karen and I had a blast trying on a bunch of awesome outfits, and of course I couldn’t leave the store empty handed…

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

It was a damask & jacquard kind of day…
Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareGather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareGather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare  This sweater was super comfy and had this great detail in the back:Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

And to add to all of the aforementioned awesomeness, there are quotes displayed all around the store, adding to the feel-good experience:

inspirational quotes in Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareKaren - Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

I had a total blast shopping at Gather. Karen, thank you for spending the afternoon and sharing your wonderful store with me!

Ladies, I highly recommend you check this place out! Fellas, there is an incredibly comfy chair for you at Gather!


Cirque du Soleil in Toronto

Cirque du Soleil in Toronto

I’ve seen Cirque du Soleil perform 3 times already, twice here in Toronto, and once in Vegas, and I will gladly see them 100 more times. I can’t tell you how fantastic their shows are! I find myself on the edge of my seat every time. Each number is unique, creative, and entertaining. Kudos to the creative minds behind theses shows. The stories, the sets, the numbers, everything is so elaborate and imaginative.

This time the show I saw was called KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities and it certainly did not disappoint! I went to see the show with my entire family, I mean ENTIRE family – there was 15 of us, which also meant we got a group rate! When you buy tickets make sure that you don’t have an obstructed view – there are a few poles in the tent which can block your view. Other than the obstructions though, it doesn’t matter how close or far, or on which side you sit because the horseshoe shaped stage allows for great visibility no matter where you are. The beautiful thing with Cirque du Soleil shows is you don’t need to speak the language to enjoy it. My grandparents who do not speak English came with us and had the time of their life!

The level of professionalism is so astonishing. The amount of hours put into practicing these routines must be insurmountable because the performers make it look so easy. You have complete faith that the gymnasts, tumblers, and acrobats will land safely yet you can’t help but gasp for air each time they throw themselves up in the air again.

It is a show for all ages, all occasions, and just overall an incredible spectacle. I truly recommend everyone to go see it!

Here is the look I went with:

Cirque du Soleil in Toronto look! @splattershare Read more

TIFF at Yorkville

TIFF at Yorkville

Hi guys! So I haven’t posted anything in 5 days *Gasp*! I know. I even missed Thursday Thought! But here’s why: As you know TIFF is in town, so naturally I had to be there. My friends and I didn’t get tickets to see any movies, not yet anyway, but we really wanted to be downtown for the hoopla of opening night! While we probably should have gone to King St. W. we decided to make our way to Yorkville instead, in the hopes of spotting some stars enjoying their evening. If you’ve never been to Toronto, you have to visit Yorkville. It’s a really cute area to just walk through, grab some lunch, go for drinks, and of course shop. This is the expensive shopping part of town, so if you’re into that sort of thing it’s fantastic! Just name it, it’s there. Otherwise, Yorkville is really great for window-shopping and inspiration. Because it’s an expensive area your chances of spotting celebrities there are pretty good all year round, not to mention during TIFF time.

What we learned is that to sit on the patio of certain places around TIFF time you need to make reservations. I’m pretty sure there were free tables but they must have been saved for celebs. Obviously we just didn’t cut it. Anyway, we ended up going to this adorable Italian restaurant called Trattoria Nervosa, and sat on their rooftop patio.

If you go, you should try their pizza and Aperol Spritzers. Both were divine! The pizza has a super thin crust, and tasted really fresh. They told us it was small, but we found it to be perfect for sharing.

Trattoria NervosaHere is my look for the night:

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