Bracelet Holder DIY!

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been looking for a way to organize my jewelry, in particular my bracelets, which were usually all piled up together in one box or another.  I wanted a bracelet holder which would allow me to see the bracelets that I have, keep them organized, and easily accessible. I’ve seen generic bracelet holders (usually just black) at various craft stores, and decided why not just make my own?

I had all of the ingredients already laying around in my place, and I suspect you do too. All you need is:

1. Paper towel roll

2. Empty CD tower

3. Wrapping paper

4. Scissors, and a glue gun

The ingredients

There are literally no steps to show because this DIY is THAT simple! Wrap your paper towel roll in the wrapping paper of your choice, and hot glue it to the CD tower. Let it dry and make sure it’s secure, since it will need to hold the weight of your bracelets.

I added a wrapped toilet paper roll to the base as well, for some extra detail and display space.

End product

And Ta-Da! Here it is! Super simple and it holds ALL of my bracelets!! Give it a try 🙂

with bracelets


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