Books, Upcycled!

Hello lovelies!

Wanted to share a quick and easy DIY tutorial I recently did.

Consumerism ain’t my thing, and if I can avoid buying something, I’m all about that! Of course this saves money, but it also contributes to saving our planet. The more we participate in consumerism and continue to perpetuate it as the norm, the more garbage is created, and the more resources are deployed to create said garbage. I won’t go into all the negative effects of various industries now (that’s a whole other post!) but let’s just say the cycle doesn’t help curb current CO2 levels, that’s for sure!

I had a bunch of books that looked nice on my shelf but that I knew I wasn’t going to be reading anytime soon. These were mostly odds and ends leftover from several book auctions. Some were so weird that I don’t even think donating them would have been worth it. At the same time I was itching for a good weekend project, and coincidentally wanted some new bedside tables. Hence this DIY was born- Ta-da!

It’s super simple! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Books (duh!)
  • Mod podge & brush to apply it with
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint/paint (optional – you can leave the covers exposed)
  • Casters, screws, drill (optional)


  • Mod podge the books shut, applying a layer of mod podge around the exposed pages
  • Once your books are glued shut, stack them to figure out the exact placement you’d like to go with. I suggest having a big book on the top and bottom to create nice sturdy surfaces.
  • When you’re happy with the layout go ahead and hot glue the books’ covers to each other. Note that hot glue dries quickly so don’t apply too much at once, and place books down before the glue dries
  • After you’ve glued the books, take this heavy structure outdoors or into a well ventilated area, and get spraying! I spray painted mine in a champagne shade. After the spray paint had dried I decided to go back in with gold acrylic paint to cover up some uneven areas.
  • Optional: when dry flip the tables upside down and attach casters. This makes the tables more mobile and gives the appearance of an intentional piece of furniture rather than a pile of books on the floor. For optimal results mark the caster placements, pre-drill holds, and then screw them in. Simple!

Pro Tip:

  • Use hardcover books as they stay in place better
  • If you’re going to have 2 columns of books consider gluing the spines together in the middle for added stability


There you have it! A fun and simple way to re-purpose old books.

How have you repurposed books??


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