Beauty Sleep Style Challenge

The sleep people at Casper asked me to share some ideas and participate in their Beauty Sleep Style Challenge. We all know that sleep is important but probably underestimate how important it really is. In fact Arianna Huffington gave a great TED talk about sleep a few years back. Check out the link – it’s sure to give you some perspective!


Not only is sleep a necessary tool to rest our body and mind in order to rejuvenate and replenish our well of ideas for the next day, but it’s also a chance for our skin to take a break and relax. I’m a very low maintenance girl but no matter what I must perform my bedtime routine… or my skin will hate me the next day. I always always always take off my makeup before bed, cleanse my face (my favorite is L’Oreal facial cleanser) dab gently to dry and apply moisturizer. It takes all of 3 minutes of your time but those 3 minutes before bed make a world of difference!

But what do you wear to bed??

As part of Casper’s Beauty Sleep Style Challenge I’ve put together a list of my favorite picks for awesome cozy comfy sleep. my well worn and no longer presentable t-shirts and tank tops usually make their way into my PJ drawer, and are paired with either Victoria Secret or La Senza shorts.  Here are some great picks from Victoria Secret. They are known for their fashion shows and their angels but Victoria Secret has some pretty sweet PJs too!

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The best thing when it comes to sleep? Cotton! Or at least a cotton blend. I don’t care if it’s in the form of undies, shorts, pants, t-shirts, or tank tops. As long as it’s soft and breathable it’s good for your skin, and wonderful to sleep in.

Joe Fresh has a bunch of shorts in cotton blends on sale right now for $10 in many cute patterns to choose from:

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While we’re on the subject of sleep check out Casper mattresses – I haven’t tried them myself but they look awesome and are supposed to be very firm and comfortable. They use a unique combination of memory and latex foam to achieve universal comfort. The beds are made in the USA and ship directly to your door in a box no bigger than a mini-fridge! A mini fridge! How cool!

What are some of your favorite sleep and lounge wear styles??



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