Be a Shopping Pro!

There are more opportunities than we often acknowledge. Here are some tips on taking advantage of the great sales, promotions, and deals that retailers created for us savvy shoppers!

1) Create an email you use exclusively for shopping related mail

Remember when mom made you fold your clothes? After reluctantly doing so, wasn’t it great how much more room you had? Organized and neatly tucked away equals efficient, which results in saving your valuable time; and I don’t need to explain the value of time. Most of us don’t usually check our junk mail, but that’s where many offers from retailers end up. Granted some are definitely garbage, but by not checking you will miss out on some gems too. Whenever you sign up for anything online or in store leave your shopping email, this way you’ll be able to sift through the mass much easier and safely disregard the junk in your main email.

2) Sign up for loyalty programs

If you hate having a wallet full of cards, leave some at home! Let’s be real you won’t be needing all of them in one shopping trip. Having loyalty cards, especially at stores you frequent often, can result in fantastic rewards; if you shop there anyway, why not? This is applicable to anything from gas, to groceries, to fashion retailers, to pharmacies. Sometimes you will earn points or prizes, other times you will receive notification about upcoming sales, promotions, and free shipping events (in your now special shopping email. See 1)

3) redeem at opportune times

Always look for opportunities to get more, because these are plentiful. Many retailers will have special/bonus days, when you will be able to redeem your hard earned points for greater rewards. If your shopping list consists of non-essential items hold out for these events and enjoy getting more!

4) Don’t over-pay for basics

Stock up while the price is right! A common mistake is buying just because something is cheap or on sale when you probably don’t need it. Don’t do that! You’re just throwing money at the wind and cluttering your house in the process. However, there are items this method is absolutely great for! For example, you will always need shampoo/soap etc. So buy a few if they’re on sale, or better yet, get it while you’re redeeming your awesome points (see 3). This goes for fashion too. Think about layering pieces. Why over-pay for plain tank tops?

5) Time the season

As we all know retailers need to make room for new inventory and thus we get sales at the turn of each season. I don’t recommend buying ‘trendy’ things at this time. If you’re not going to wear it now, it might be out of style come next year. But this is when you buy the classics, the timeless pieces! A beautiful beige trench? Don’t mind if I do! Black pencil skirt? Oh yes!



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