A Few of My Favorite (Winter) Things

Happy second official day of winter!

Winter is not all doom and gloom. It’s a time to be cozy, layer up and bundle up. Sure it’s cold, but that means over-sized sweaters and cute hats. It also means winter scents – indoors and out. And if you’re into winter sports there’s also that! Among all those wonderful things I do have a few favorites. And while I’m no Oprah, here are a few of my favorite winter products:

1. My Awesome Olive Headband: from Little Burgundy *PS. It just went on sale

Last year I was rocking the beanie, this year this headband is my go-to. You can wear it over your hair if it’s down, or pull your hair through and wear it up.

winter Accessories @splattershare

2. The BEST face cream: Neutrogena Comfort Cream (similar here)

I don’t know why it is that every time you find a new favorite it immediately gets discontinued. I don’t think this particular one is out there anymore, but I’ve attached a link to a similar Neutrogena cream above. I love that it’s gentle enough for your face but deeply moisturizes and protects your skin against the dry winter air.

3. Vaseline

Ah Vaseline and its many uses! I’ll be honest, winter or not, Vaseline is always on hand. It’s got a gazillion uses! I tend to use it to remove makeup, and its a great all over moisturizer.

Neutrogena and Vaseline - Best winter care! @splattershare

4. Warm Winter Boots: By Atelier Noir – A Rudsak Brand

Every year I run into the same problem- finding boots that are warm, stylish and waterproof. Normally I’m only able to hit 2 out of the 3. But not this year! This year i found these awesome Atelier Noir boots – leather on the outside and furry on the inside. They are very warm, and look très chic! If you have a wide calf these are great because you can use the laces to make the boot tighter or looser, but of course without having to do that each time since there is a full length zipper. It’s love.

best boots ever - atelier noir @splattershare

5. Reed Diffusers

When I think winter I think about being cozy and creating a really nice homey atmosphere. Reed diffusers are great because they just keep working and last a long time! Best of all they can fit your decor, and of course come in many various scents. Personally I have a couple of different ones throughout my place.

reed diffusers @splattershare

6. Natural Lips – pretty and protected

I know I’ve told you that lipstick is important but in the winter it’s especially so! Looking for spf no matter the season is always a good idea. Try a nice lip chap or a lip gloss to keep your lips hydrated and naturally pretty.

7. Soft hands (creme and gloves)

We can either complain about dry air, or put on some cream and invest in a humidifier. I choose the latter, which means superbly soft hands. Like a baby’s bottom!

winter essentials

 I know this list was sporadic and there are a ton more awesome winter products. But I hope it cheered you up and prepared you for the winter days ahead to be wonderful!


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