A 5 Minute Face Look!

The main thing I learned, by reluctantly doing my makeup in the morning (nope, not a morning person) is that in order to look put together in a short amount of time you must touch every surface. What I mean by that is don’t leave any part of your face out! It’s just not fair. Even though you don’t have a lot of time, applying foundation and simple barely-there eyeshadow will do wonders!

Here are the simple steps I take to achieve a simple 5 minute look (& a few tips and tricks along the way):

1. Foundation (all over)

2. Concealer (if necessary)

3. Fill in eyebrows (brush, powder…simple stuff)

4. Light, natural eyeshadow (ALL OVER the lid…all the way to the brow. It’s a natural colour so don’t worry!)

5. Mascara. Nuff said.

6. BRONZER! This is pretty key. Instead of the whole contouring shebang, apply bronzer at the bottom of your cheekbones to define them. Don’t be afraid to apply more than you normally would since everything else is understated

7. Gloss/ lip chap / whatever


8. Thin line of black liquid eyeliner ‎will take the look to the next level

9. Use a natural brown ‎shade in the crease for added definition

5minute face look
And that’s it! Just another #5minuteface look 🙂


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