TIFF at Yorkville

Hi guys! So I haven’t posted anything in 5 days *Gasp*! I know. I even missed Thursday Thought! But here’s why: As you know TIFF is in town, so naturally I had to be there. My friends and I didn’t get tickets to see any movies, not yet anyway, but we really wanted to be downtown for the hoopla of opening night! While we probably should have gone to King St. W. we decided to make our way to Yorkville instead, in the hopes of spotting some stars enjoying their evening. If you’ve never been to Toronto, you have to visit Yorkville. It’s a really cute area to just walk through, grab some lunch, go for drinks, and of course shop. This is the expensive shopping part of town, so if you’re into that sort of thing it’s fantastic! Just name it, it’s there. Otherwise, Yorkville is really great for window-shopping and inspiration. Because it’s an expensive area your chances of spotting celebrities there are pretty good all year round, not to mention during TIFF time.

What we learned is that to sit on the patio of certain places around TIFF time you need to make reservations. I’m pretty sure there were free tables but they must have been saved for celebs. Obviously we just didn’t cut it. Anyway, we ended up going to this adorable Italian restaurant called Trattoria Nervosa, and sat on their rooftop patio.

If you go, you should try their pizza and Aperol Spritzers. Both were divine! The pizza has a super thin crust, and tasted really fresh. They told us it was small, but we found it to be perfect for sharing.

Trattoria NervosaHere is my look for the night:

Summer make up look @splattershare

A stronger, bolder eye look looks great in pictures. Unless of course you’re trying to capture the look on camera and use a very bright flash, as you can see below 😛

Nude lip look @splattershare

I went for a strong eye and nude lip. To really make the look dramatic, I used the light purple Stila Shimmer all over my lid. I used a maroon shade in my crease and blended the two together with the medium purple shade. And as always, I filled in my brows to frame my eyes. I used Annabelle Liquid eyeliner and L’Oreal mascara to tie everything together.

Stila purple shadowStila purple shimmer shadow

I went pretty bold with my accessories since my dress was very simple.

Black dress with snakeskin accessories! Bold and fun! @splattershareLet me know what you guys think! Have you been to TIFF yet? Where did you go?


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