White After Labour Day


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The trick to ‘white after labour day’ is to go for off-white and creamy shades, rather than stark crisp whites. Paired with thicker fabrics – you can’t go wrong!

white after labour day 4

 Dress: Express

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Blazer: Kenneth Cole

Purse: Ann Taylor

white after labour day 3Skirt: Darling

Top: Smart Set

Booties: IMPO


An Apple Festival East of the City


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I had such a wonderful time last time I went to Bowmanville that I decided to do it again. This time for the annual Apple Festival. It was a first for me, but it was in fact the 25th annual Apple Fest in Bowmanville.

IMG_9644 1

Needless to say there were lots of apples, as well as other local goods being sold.

IMG_20141018_134954 1

There were tons of different vendors and pop-up shops. Lots of fashion to take in! And in fact Gather had several pop-up shops including Preloved! Not only did Preloved have a pop-up shop set up, with amazing knit wear might I add! But Julia Grieve herself was there! (Middle, below)


Julia Grieve is not just the CEO but also the creative mind and visionary behind the brand. She used her incredible eye for vintage finds and unique clothing to create a one-of-a-kind brand that is now sold in Anthropologie, The Hudson’s Bay Company, Beams Japan, Roots, and over 400 independent boutiques. Now there’s some business inspiration for you!

On the left, we have Kate, who is the co-owner of Brunchkins – an incredible organization which provides a nutritious breakfast and packable lunches to elementary school children in non-profit housing.

I think the cause is so great in fact that I will be taking part in ‘Gather for the Brunchkins’ fundraising event on Nov 12 with these lovely ladies. It will be a night of food, wine, tons of fun, an inspirational talk by Julia, and makeup tutorials on how to achieve a quick 5 minute face given by me!

If you’re in the GTA or Toronto and would like to attend feel free to comment below or send me an email. Tickets are only $20 and all proceeds are going towards a great cause!!


After socializing with the ladies, I decided to stroll through the apple fest some more, and sure enough I came across another great find! The beautiful colours and smiling faces drew me in, and there I found Earthsence – A line of all natural and delicious smelling soaps, and body lotions. It turns out that this is an entirely local brand which was started by Glen and Verna. Glen is a chemist who decided to make a cream for his lovely wife who had dry skin around the winter months and didn’t feel comfortable buying creams containing ingredients she couldn’t pronounce – And ta-da! Earthsence was born. It’s currently sold in local shops, and is in the local hospital. I believe they also accept orders through their website by phone or email. I tried the hand butter while I was there, and boy were my hands soft! Their products are all natural, and totally reasonably priced!


To complete my adventure I headed just a bit outside this town to take in the fall scenery. Stay tuned for some photographs from my adventure!


Make up Haul! #LOreal


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So there was a makeup sale in town and this happened:

makeup haul

I regret nothing! It was hosted by L’Oreal and the prices were second only to the selections. The cool thing was that not only were there amazing deals on L’Oreal products, but the sale featured L’Oreal’s other brands as well. For example, there was a pretty wide selection of perfumes and I was able to get the YSL Manifesto perfume I’ve had my eye on, for a fraction of the cost.

I’ve talked about how much I love L’Oreal nail polishes before, and it’s never been Truer. I paint my own nails a lot – partly because I love being able to swap out colours on a whim, and in part because spending an hour sitting somewhere doing nothing doesn’t feel productive, and unless I’m going away on a trip or there’s a fancy event I probably won’t bother getting my nails done. So being able to have the right tools at home is key! L’Oreal nail polish colours not only go on perfectly but dry quickly, and last. The three colours I got were: “Miss Luster-Ess”(I’m currently wearing – below), “Tangerine Crush”, and “Penthouse Pink”. Oh and did I mention that they were only $2.50 each? That’s right. Now that’s bang for your buck! I can’t wait try out the other 2 shades! I bet they’re fabulous.

IMG_20141014_094648_edit nail polished loreal

The other noteworthy purchase is this beautiful Orangy lipstick – “Volcanic” #410.

With my complexion and hair colour red can be a bit much for the day. It’s glamorously dramatic for night time but during the day hard to pull off. Just when I thought I was bound to nude gloss forever, came this shade to save the day!

TIP: Outline your lips with a brush, using the same lipstick. Then fill in the rest for a perfectly contoured lip.

Now I can glam up my days too!

Loreal lipstick

So all in all, I’m a happy camper, and super thankful for events like this one!

What awesome products have you discovered lately?

Share them with me in the comments!


Save your money – how to NOT buy shoes!


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I went to a shoe sale, and I bought… nothing! So why am I writing about this? Because the skill of holding back and stepping away from a sale took years to acquire.

I used to buy shoes for the mere enjoyment of witnessing my shoe collection expand. The more shoes the better, right? Unless you’re putting on a shoe exhibition wrong. I never wore all of the shoes that I owned. Some I kept even after they’ve served their time, others were impractical and I never actually got real use out of them (wearing them to dinner once and complaining the whole time doesn’t count).

As I get older I start to appreciate the utility of a shoes, instead of just hoarding them. Yes the shoe has to be hot but I have to either be able to wear it to work (and survive), or wear it out and not be the girl whose feet hurt. What’s the point of having shoes you don’t wear? I would rather have less shoes, and buy new ones as needed, instead of having a giant collection consisting of shoes I don’t wear, or don’t wear anymore. So as always, efficiency is key. If you wear it keep it. If you need it, buy it. Otherwise stay away.

I don’t think I’m the only one who enjoys a good sale. But the key to buying anything on sale is to buy items you love enough to pay full price for. There’s no point in buying crap you don’t love, doesn’t fit well, or doesn’t make you feel good about yourself just because it’s on sale. Believe me, based on years of experience it will not become more comfortable, your toes will always be squished in those shoes, and just because you fit into it doesn’t mean it fits you.

The sale I went to is one that is held annually, and it was my first time attending. I went with my girlfriends, who were both looking for specific things and managed to score great finds! I went out of curiosity and my love of shoes. What enticed me was the fact that they carried Vince Camuto (and its other brands: VC Signature, Louise et Cie) and Jessica Simpson (She’s my height, and knows how to make a comfy heel). The entire convention hall was sized so it was easy to find your size, and the staff was very efficient in restocking and keeping the place decently clean. While I wasn’t too impressed with the selection in my size, I did end up trying on about 15 pairs of shoes and narrowed it down to 4. These 4 however were not perfect. So do I settle? This was decision time. Each pair was about 40-60% off the original price, but still $100 each. Had this been a few years ago I would have been so excited about the find I would have bought at least a couple. Today, this is how I went about it:

  1. (far left below) I couldn’t find this first pair online. They fit really well and were totally my style. So much so that I have a similar pair – brown, snakeskin, and all. Variety is the spice of life. Amiright?! So I had to pass on this one.

2.  I’m actually sad about this tasseled pump. I love love loved it! Problem is they were scuffed. I would rather pay more for a shoe that looks new than buy something on sale that doesn’t make me feel good.

VC signature


3. This pink number is absolutely beautiful but quite frankly the buckle was hell. It might seem like a minute detail but it really deterred me from whole heartedly loving this shoe.


4. These beautiful Chanel inspired babies would have been mine had they not been ½ a size too big. Yes you technically could wear them with an insole, but I’ve thought that many a time before and never ended up wearing the shoes that were initially too big.


And that’s that!


shoes I did not buy 2


So next time you’re buying beautiful things, think twice. Do you need it? is it perfect? Or are you settling?

Happy Shopping and Saving!


New Ann Taylor Purse Preview! Fall Perfection!


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I’ve been on a mission to find a new crossbody purse. I was hoping for something feminine, with metallic detail, in a beautiful colour, and maybe with an over-the-shoulder chain. Imagine my delight when i stumbled upon this beauty in Ann Taylor:




Yes. This bag is fantastic! It’s big enough to fit my giant wallet, and all of my other purse contents, and it checks off exactly every single criteria on my list. Feminine? Check! Metallic detailing? Check! Chain? Check!

When it came to colour the only thing better than finding this baby in taupe, was being let in on a little secret that 2 weeks from now it’s also launching in burgundy! I think that burgundy is literally one of the best colours on the planet. It looks good on any complexion – whether you have pale or dark skin. It’s neutral enough to go with anything, yet fun enough to spice up any outfit. And of course absolute perfection for fall!




I’m head over heels in love with this bag, and I bough it for only $88, which is a fantastic price for leather.

Bonus: the strap is removable so it doubles as a clutch!




If you love it as much as I do, keep your eyes peeled, because it’s coming to Ann Taylor in 2 weeks time :)

Happy shopping!


The FAILURE of extreme couponing


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I happened to catch ‘extreme couponing’ on TLC the other day while on the elliptical at my gym. It was so bad I couldn’t look away! Needless to say, I had a great hour long cardio workout.

There are so many things wrong with the idea of extreme couponing! I’m all for frugal living and saving money (obviously), but this is not the way to do it. I approach money and shopping in the same way I approach anything else- with efficiency. I like to do things without wasting time or money, whilst using all of the resources available to me.

The problems with extreme couponing:


Notice how these couponistas fill their shopping carts with sugary drinks, and ready made noodles? That’s because there are no coupons for kale, broccoli or apples. Good for you, you have 500 bottles of Gatorade. Unless you are the coach of an Olympic swim team, why in the world would you need that?? Every single person that is ever featured on the show is overweight, and that’s precisely why. I would rather spend money on healthy food now, then on medical bills to deal with the consequences of obesity later.

Square footage

Last time I checked a house and a warehouse are two different terms. I don’t have a clue as to why you would convert usable living space in your home to store piles of crap you don’t actually need. “Look at my 73 bottles of shampoo, and 690 cans of corn!” Congratulations?


The time spent clipping coupons to avoid paying the retail price, can be spent on adding value to our economy by having a job. If these people had jobs, they would undoubtedly make at least the same amount of money they save clipping coupons. Bad economy and no jobs you say? Ok, how about working for a charity that will pay you to clip coupons and you can put your skills to use by donating all of the free merchandise you acquired to people that actually need it, and getting paid for your time to do so.


As I just mentioned, these people acquire crap no one person or household can possibly make use of. If it is in fact possible to get your hands on SO MUCH free product, these people should seriously consider making a meaningful donation to others who can really use it.

extreme couponning


Mixed Patterns – The Fall Edition


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Remember my quick how-to guide to mixing patterns? Well I’m still obsessed with mixing prints and patterns, so here’s a look at a fall outfit which does just that!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, the easiest way to rock mixed prints is by wearing a geometric pattern, stripes in particular, and paring it with a print – finishing the look off with a bold necklace. Make sure that the prints are of different sizes though so you don’t look like an optical illusion!

I hope this trend lasts…I’m quite enjoying it.

mixed pattern 3 @splattershare mixed pattern @splattershare

Top: Winners by Jones NY

Jacket: Gather by Darling

Necklace: Le Chateau



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