It IS Easy Being Green

Hi lovelies!

Sustainability and green living is close to my heart. I’m that friend that makes sure everyone else recycles, and brings reusable water bottles. But even I have been making recycling mistakes and I wanted to share a few waste management lessons with you today.
It’s important to note that recycling rules and regs are not only country specific but city specific, which IMHO is nuts!! But until all municipalities are unified, it’s up to us to take responsibility and learn about what is and isn’t recyclable where we live. It’s also up to us to try and make a difference and potentially improve the process along the way.

1) Don’t Stuff It In

I live in a high rise building and our recycling bins are all the way downstairs. So what I used to do is stuff my recyclables into each other to take up less space, and minimize trips down. But turns out that this wasn’t a good idea at all! All recyclables get sorted with like materials and when a plastic container is stuffed inside of a cardboard box, it might go unnoticed and not get sorted properly. So if you’re going to stuff, stuff like materials… cardboard cracker box inside of a cardboard cereal box etc.

2) Not All Colours Are Equal

In the city f Toronto we aren’t supposed to recycle black plastic – think black take out containers. This is due to the fact that our conveyor belt in the sorting facility is black, and black plastic simply gets missed during sorting and gets dumped in the garbage anyway. So we are encouraged to just dump it in the first place. When I learned this I thought “why don’t they just stop producing black plastic?”. But since there is no consensus between municipalities, some recycling facilities may very well accept black plastic, but perhaps take issue with other colours. So check the rules in your city of residence to see what the deal is there.
Blue 1Blue 2

3) I Hope You’re Putting Plastic in Your Compost

In the City of Toronto we are discouraged from using biodegradable bags to line our compost (or Green) bins. When the compost reaches the recycling facility and gets grinded up in the giant blender plastic bags float to the top and are then easily removed. Biodegradable bags don’t float to the top, since they are made of a different material and supposed to get decomposed along with food waste. The advantage of using good old regular plastic bags is that it’s easy and cheap! You don’t need to go out of your way to compost. Just reach for a plastic bag, which you’re bound to have no matter how hard you try, and start green-binning. Neighboring regions encourage their residents to use biodegradable bags, so it’s important to check what’s accepted in your area.
Green 1

4) Food Is No Good

Perhaps you smarties already know this one, but make sure that you rinse your recyclables to rid them of food residue. When food ends up in recycling it may get absorbed into paper and ruin perfectly good batches. So rinse and then go ahead and toss in the blue bin.

Let’s be Greener!

In Toronto, individual households divert about 68% of waste to recycling and compost. Condos and high rises are trailing these stats at about 28%. The combination of the two might not sounds that bad, but we can do much better. If we continue at this rate we will run out of room in our current garbage dump by 2040. The city’s goal is to get to 70% diversion, and I believe we can do it!


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Great Toronto Resource:

World Oceans Day 2016

World Oceans Day 2016

It’s World Ocean Day today, and I’m feeling optimistic about the well deserved attention this day has been getting!

Here’s the deal. We need the Oceans, and we need the oceans for more reasons than you might imagine. Contrary to common belief, oceans provide more than a place to swim, ride a catamaran, or a sandy beach to help you work on your tan in paradise. All valid. But there’s more.
Me diving in the Red Sea

We need oceans to Breathe

Not only do oceans generate half of the oxygen we breathe, but they also absorb one third of human caused CO2 emissions, helping to reduce the impact of climate change. The oceans are trying to save us! They help sustain our existence on this planet that we have been so actively trying to destroy.


According to “besides seafood… Ocean ingredients, like algae and kelp, are used in making peanut butter beer, soymilk and frozen foods”. So.. Yum!


oceans are a source of new medicines helping us to combat cancer, pain and bacterial diseases, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, viruses and other diseases.

Latest Awesomeness!

There is a whole world out there of people contributing in wonderful ways, but I want to bring 2 projects to your attention that are helping clean up our majestic oceans.


Seabin project

This is a wonderful invention created by an Australian product designer who set out on a mission to clean up the oceans. The Seabin is literally a bin that sucks all of the crap floating around in, while sifting water out. But he tells his story better:

Edible 6-pack rings by Saltwater Brewery

We’ve all head about the dangers of plastic packaging floating around in the ocean and killing marine life, so a small Brewery in Florida took matter into their own hands. They’ve created edible, and biodegradable 6-pack rings which will not harm marine life, but actually provide a healthy food source! These guys make a good point in the video, that if more of the larger players were on board, the cost of manufacturing these edible rings will drop. Making this way of production the norm and not the exception.


More “fun” facts:




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Awesome Lipstick Hack!

Awesome Lipstick Hack!

Hi lovelies!

Hope everyone’s had a great long weekend!

I stumbled upon a super awesome lipstick hack this past weekend, and I just had to share it!

I wrote about the long lasting power of the Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® lipstick before, and talked about how it will literally last through anything. Believe me, I was skeptical too, but there’s just no stopping it!

At this point, I know that Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® works great on its own, but what I discovered is that it also plays well with others.

I wanted to create the perfect shade to work with my outfit and through playing around with various shades ended up using Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® Perpetual Plum 055, with a coat of Mistura’s Molten lip pencil on top.

The colour came out great, but moreover, it lasted all day and all night!! I thought for sure at least the top coat would smudge, perhaps leaving the base to peak through. But nope! The combo was perfect the entire time.

Hack Time!

If you want your lipstick to last all night, but don’t want to buy Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24®  in every shade, get 1 neutral shade to act as a base (I highly recommend perpetual plum) and use colours you already have on hand for the perfect colour! The magical Maybelline Superstay formula will act as a fantastic and long lasting base, while allowing you to leverage product you already own.

Let me know if you give this strategy a try!

red lipstick hack1

red lipstick post eating! 2

Lipstick post eating, drinking, laughing 🙂


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Some Good Green Fun!

Some Good Green Fun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Lovelies!

It’s a day that probably has a lot more significance than just green beer, but since I don’t know what it is, I’m going to focus on green makeup instead!

Some of my friends happen to be beauty junkies as well, and subscribe to various beauty boxes filled with random monthly goodies. The beautiful thing about it for me is that I often get “weird” and “unusable” products tossed my way. Green shimmer eyeliner? I’ll take it! Green eye-shadow? Pass it here!

The reason I like trying out different products is because it’s not about the one single product, but rather about how you work it. Confidence is number one, followed by how you wear it and what you wear it with Read more

12 Lessons learned from Lisa Eldridge

12 Lessons learned from Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist extraordinaire, has worked with every A-list celebrity under the sun, and makes the most useful and beautiful makeup up tutorials. As of recently she is also the creative director of Lancôme make-up. I really don’t know how she does it all, but lucky for us she continues to create YouTube videos for us common folk and I want to mention a few of the things I’ve learned from my makeup idol.

Ps. She has the most amazing style when it comes to her wardrobe and home. If you start googling her, you won’t be able to stop. I warned you. You’ll be on a steep Pinterest worthy spiral –  guaranteed!

Lisa-Eldridge-Old-Hollywood-Party-Makeup Read more

Goodbye Josh

You may remember my interview with Josh.  Re-reading it makes me smile every time.


Josh’s positivity and outlook on life has touched so many people. And it is truly with a heavy heart that I must let you know of  Josh’s passing.

It’s incredible how much good he was able to spread, making people laugh every step of the way. He has even written a book to help others going through a similar battle. The book is titled The Funny Thing About Cancer, and you can order here.


He will be missed by all.




Things to do in Toronto when the weather is miserable!

Even though this weather is fickle and it’s only actually winter every other week, I thought I’d put together a list of fun things to do for those intermittent miserable days.
This list is targeted towards Toronto, since that’s where I live, but no reason you can’t do the same activities in own town.

1. Rock-climbing!

“what was I thinking?!” is pretty much my first thought every time I go. However my second thought is usually “look at me go, I’m a chimp! this is great!”. So if you like being active, want to seriously work out your arms (and fingertips, and weird muscles you didn’t know existed), this activity is for you. Also works great as a trust-testing mechanism!
Personal fave spot: True North. This facility is large and clean, with plenty to do and various difficulty levels- everything from beginner to bouldering.
TIP: their 1 month pass is the best deal! It includes 1 intro lesson, along with equipment rental and access to the facility for 1 full month – all for $50.



2. Pursuit OCR

This one too will leave you sore and bruised all over… but seriously worth it! (man, I hope other people are into being sore too!).
Pursuit OCR is an indoor obstacle course for adults. Think jungle gym on steroids. Complete with a ball pit, monkey bars, over/under climbing challenges, a skate ramp you can scale, climbing rope and more. It’s a super fun indoor activity to do with friends – you’ll burn tons of calories and push yourself to your limit. A daily pass is $20, or $50 for a monthly obstacle course pass.

pursuit ocr
Different Groupon Activities:

Groupon is great not only because it offers good deals but also because it introduces you to local joints you otherwise may not have heard of. It’s a great starting point when looking for something to do!

3. Paint Nite

I’ve done Paint Nite a couple of times, and I’ve seen bachelorette parties, couples on dates, birthdays, and just friends out for some fun. It’s really great for any occasion, and you don’t have to be an artist to participate. All of the supplies you’ll need are provided, and you’ll be taught how to make your very own masterpiece. This one is on the chillaxed side of things… no bruises here.


4. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms seem to be popping up everywhere. I’m sure if you check Groupon you’ll find one near you. The premise is as follows: you’re in a room, and you’re given a mission. It is your goal to solve clues in order to complete the mission and get out of the room in a certain amount of time. The clues are harder than you’d think so grab a group of friends to increase your chances of getting out!


5. Different exercise classes

If you don’t feel like committing to a long term gym membership or simply want to try something new, Groupon offers a wide array of classes to choose from. I’ve recently taken up boxing, which is super fun and great all year round. Bonus: you’ll stay in shape throughout the winter and be ready for summer when it rolls around :).



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Perfect Christmas Gift for Large Groups!

Chriistmas Gift Baskets By Splattershare

Christmas is such a wonderfully festive time! Certainly not a time to be stressed out. I know it may seem like there’s a lot to do – dinners, holiday parties, gifts for family, friends, co-workers, prepping the home, decorating etc.

But just remember that those things should be FUN, no one is (I hope) forcing you to do any of it. It’s up to you to choose what to partake in.  Now, if you do choose to participate and plan on gifting to large crowds, let me make your life easier by introducing 2 words – GIFT BASKETS.

I never realized how easy, effective, and cheap  these can be.

The benefits of gift baskets:

  • They look awesome!
  • Can be customized for anyone!
  • A perfect solution for packaging many little things
  • Easy to scale if you need to gift to a large crowd
  • Recipient can keep the basket/bowl/box after
  • Feels personal
  • Great for any occasion

Gift baskets can work for various contents. I have a few gifts I plan of giving to family, that are on the pricier side but are made up of several small components. I tried wrapping each individual piece before but that didn’t garner the reaction I had hoped for. So this year I’m considering a more exciting presentation in the form of mini baskets.

Gift baskets also came in handy for our annual ladies’ gift exchange at work. This year I made sugar scrubs for everyone – recipe & tags can be found here (thanks Lolli!). These scrubs are cute on their own but when packages in a nice little holiday box, with some candy canes inside, they’re as cute as can be!

For the base you can use anything – a box, a basket, a bowl etc. and don’t forget the dollar store! It’s your best friend around this time of year – they have festive boxes, cellophane wrap, candy canes etc. Pretty much everything you need for Christmas crafts.

Remember that these are perfect for anyone and any occasion – Christmas, birthday, hostess gift, etc. It’s entirely customization and all up to you!

Chriistmas Gift Baskets By Splattershare 2

      Have fun and let me know if you’ve made any awesome gift baskets!


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Points I love

favorite point cards2

Ah being frugal and getting free stuff. It’s great isn’t it? I think so, and I’m pretty good at it. If you’re going to buy something anyway, why not be rewarded for it? I’m sure we all understand the idea of loyalty cards – retailers vying for our business try to prevent us from going to the competition by enticing us with rewards. As simple as that, it’s how they earn our repeat business. While not all loyalty programs are created equal, there are some that fit seamlessly into daily life. Here are a few of my favourites: Read more

Tea and Tiaras

I had the absolute privilege to attend the second annual Tea and Tiaras event benefiting Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada at the beautiful Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday on a warm fall day in the city. It was a girl’s day complete with fabulous decor, yummy treats, inspiring stories, celebrity guests, silent auction & raffle, and of course an unforgettable fashion show with footwear brought to you by Malu.

Teas and Tiaras Table

Read more

A 5 Minute Face Look!

The main thing I learned, by reluctantly doing my makeup in the morning (nope, not a morning person) is that in order to look put together in a short amount of time you must touch every surface. What I mean by that is don’t leave any part of your face out! It’s just not fair. Even though you don’t have a lot of time, applying foundation and simple barely-there eyeshadow will do wonders!

Here are the simple steps I take to achieve a simple 5 minute look (& a few tips and tricks along the way):

Read more

Bracelet Holder DIY!

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been looking for a way to organize my jewelry, in particular my bracelets, which were usually all piled up together in one box or another.  I wanted a bracelet holder which would allow me to see the bracelets that I have, keep them organized, and easily accessible. I’ve seen generic bracelet holders (usually just black) at various craft stores, and decided why not just make my own?

I had all of the ingredients already laying around in my place, and I suspect you do too. All you need is:

1. Paper towel roll

2. Empty CD tower

3. Wrapping paper

4. Scissors, and a glue gun

Read more

Shopping Mistakes

Shopping Mistakes

Whether you shop for fun or for necessity, I think we’re all predisposed to making some common mistakes.

Buying Something Because It’s Cheap

Sure, who doesn’t love to save money, but if cheap is the only criteria that helped up you pick that dress – put it back! Think about how that garment will work in your wardrobe. Will you ever even wear it? I like to justify purchases in terms of Cost Per Wear. If an item is more expensive but you’ll get more use out of it, it may be more justified than that cheap frock you’ll wear once. That being said, if something you LOVE is on sale, congratulations and well done!!

Buying Something To Fit Into Eventually

“Oh look it’s an adorable pair of jeans that fits my arms! But that’s ok, I plan on being skinny! I’m sure it will fit soon” Oh boy, I know I’ve said that one too many times! Shop for pieces that make you feel good now, and don’t clutter your wardrobe with clothes for future you. If your body changes, you should accommodate it then. Whether it’s because you’ve worked hard to lose weight, or gained a few pounds, you deserve to feel good.

Read more

10 things not to splurge on

10 things not to splurge on

Let me share with you a list of 10 things that are just not worth the splurge. These savings certainly accumulate and become quite significant over time.

1. Tickets

Who doesn’t love a good night out? Maybe to the theater or a concert, perhaps even the movies. Let me tell you something, there are so many promo codes out there that I feel bad for anyone paying full price. Keep an eye out for these deals, often you’ll find them on group buying sites such as Groupon, Team Buy, Deal Find, Wag Jag, Living Social, etc. Tickets get cheaper towards the end of a run which can be a great time to score some deals too. In some cases you can find tickets up to 40% off the original price.

2. Garbage Bags

As environmentally conscious as I am, and as much as I try to always have reusable grocery bags with me, somehow I still end up with tons of plastic bags. I find solace in the fact that these seemingly useless plastic bags become my garbage bags, thus saving me from ever having to buy them.

3. + 4. Birthday Cards + Gift Bags

Personally I enjoy making cards for my loved ones, but I’m not suggesting that as a way to save money. In fact, if you factor in opportunity cost hand-made cards are considerably more expensive. What I am going to propose is a trip to the dollar store. I never understood what made a $5 bag better than the one that looks identical to it but cost $1.

When it comes to cards I find that a lot of people don’t really care or appreciate a store-bought card anyway. They will read it, remove the money if it contains any, and the card will find its way to the garbage shortly after. Spend the $7 if you please, but the dollar store does the trick just fine.

5. ATM Fees Read more

Vegas Challenge Baby!

Vegas Challenge Baby!

Hi Lovelies!

Today is all about Vegas & the #UltimateVegasOutfit challenge! To me, this is an opportunity to play virtual dress up, and reminisce about my own trip to Vegas.  I went to Vegas last year, and the city is as diverse as it is bright! So the Ultimate Vegas Outfit is one that makes you feel comfortable, and confident – whatever that might be. For me it was a purple Le Chateau dress that hit just above the knee, paired with a damask-like necklace and sky high heels to match. The dress was covered yet tight so basically appropriate for any occasion – show, restaurant, wedding. Read more

The Perfect Natural Makeup Look!

The Perfect Natural Makeup Look!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re having a great week so far!

With the warm sunny weather rolling around, I thought I’d show a natural and sun kissed look perfect for summer!

This look is very versatile and you can play it up or down as you wish.

Natural makeup!

1) Foundation

I find that the canvas makes all the difference. Even if you do nothing else, just by applying foundation you’ll look more polished and put together. Read more

My Thoughts on the Power of MAKEUP!


Many of you may have seen this video making its rounds on the internet, showing the Power of Makeup, by Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials (who by the way is amazing!!).

The lesson you take away from this video is up to you, but I thought it was an important video to talk about. I often discuss natural beauty (latest natural beauty tutorial here). But another subject I talk about is confidence, and the ability to understand that there are NO RULES. If not wearing makeup, or wearing a little bit of makeup is your thing – great! If you love to have fun with makeup and treat it like your very own daily work of art – good for you! What I’m getting at is, you should do what makes you happy. While I think that it’s important to be confident with your natural beauty, people have different motives for wearing makeup.

One thing I’ve learned is not to judge people. (More on the time I judged too soon and Christine Teigen put me in my place here ) . Even if to you makeup seems superficial and unnecessary,  it doesn’t mean that others see it that way. It very well could be that others view it as a fun outlet for creativity,  a way to step into a new character for a day, or experiment with new techniques. And if it happens to be the case that you know someone is wearing makeup as a means to cover up an insecurity, it’s the more reason to help them, and not to be judgmental. Read more

Why I’m weird, why I haven’t written in a month, and what beauty is…

Why I’m weird, why I haven’t written in a month, and what beauty is…

I’ve been thinking about my blog, and about what it is I want to share with the world. In fact, this was quite a process for me because the more I thought about it, the more I realized how weird I am.

What makes me weird is that I hate amassing things, and I don’t like consumerism. I have absolutely no desire to try every product out there, and hate having too much. I don’t get a thrill from hoarding makeup and clothes, or frivolously spending money. I actually find joy in purging and donating clothes, and having everything perfectly organized. I challenge myself to be aware and get rid of things I don’t use, and I treasure simplicity. I like to think that if/when I start travelling the world I will be low maintenance and won’t need a separate suitcase for my makeup.

10488180_10150410595899955_4939595538106941203_nFlying over Greenland

When it comes to fashion I tend to shop off-season and not believe in trends. Being in the marketing field, and a consumer in general, I know that fashion is a business; and a fast-moving one at that. I know that we are being targeted left right and centre to buy something from seemingly everyone. To me fashion is a means of self-expression. It’s a way to have a conversation with the world and project who you are on the inside. I just don’t think that spending money is the most important factor. To me the most attractive feature of any outfit is confidence. Read more