Super Simple Smokey Eye Makeup


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Hi guys! I want to quickly share my smokey eye makeup routine. It’s very simple and can be easily toned down or punched up.

Typically a smokey eye is created by blending 2 eye shadows, and made the more dramatic with the use of eyeliner. I only applied eyeliner on my top lashes because the occasion didn’t call for more than that, but for a bolder look apply eyeliner on the bottom as well. A coloured eyeliner looks really cool too. Whenever I use a coloured eyeliner I use it in conjunction with the black, I just trace a thin coloured line above the black. Normally they say you should be using complementary coloured eye makeup to your eye colours, but quite frankly my eyes are green and I love using a blue eyeliner, and it works just fine!

A smokey eye is the perfect look for a night out, because it looks both dramatic and fancy. Because my sweater was quite bold already I wanted to keep the colours to a min, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colour! There is so much you can do!

smokey eyeWhat I did to create this look:

1. I used a cream shade all over my lid,

2. And the darker charcoal shade in the crease of my eye, and along the lash line.

3. Using the brush you see below I blended the 2 colours upwards and a bit above the crease.

4. I added colour to my cheeks using a peach blush,

5. And finished the look off with a nude lip. The lip liner and lip gloss you see below are the cheapest things I own and I absolutely love both! I got them at a make up sale I attended for $1. Yup. True Story.

The eye shadows and makeup brush you see below are both by Mistura Beauty. Iv’e mentioned them before in previous posts. They’ve been around for a few years now and are available in Rexall Pharmacy stores, and online through various retailers. Personally I really enjoy their makeup brushes, and the pigmentation on the eye shadows. My only critique would be that the eye shadow compact is hard to open and you have to use your nails. Other than that, great stuff!

smokey eye makeupSo give this super simple look a try and let me know how it goes!


Thursday Thought – Judgment Day


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First of all I want to take a second to remember Sept, 11, 2011 and all those we lost. It was a horrible tragedy, and may it never happen again. My thoughts are with the families affected by the events of that awful day.

What I want to talk about today on my Thursday Thought is Judgment. I don’t mean judging the pros and cons of making a certain purchase or something relatively minute. I mean judging people. Judging each other. Judging strangers. Why do we think that we have the right to do that?

I have to admit that I do it too. We have these preconceived notions about which external traits correspond to one’s character. How can you possibly know what a person has been through without actually talking to them? Just because a person looks a certain way doesn’t mean you know anything about them. I have a few personal examples I want to talk about to illustrate my point.

I was at family oriented reception in a beautiful hall, with catered food, flowers, dancing. A very lovely Sunday afternoon atmosphere. Everyone was mostly wearing appropriate summer dresses. No one was dressed provocatively as this was a family event. All of a sudden I see a tall skinny girl in rather short shorts, and with a big tattoo. I’m not going to lie, my first thought went to “why is she wearing that? Just because you have a stellar body doesn’t mean that you need to show it off at every chance you get.” And of course after thinking that I assumed she’s probably bitchy and so on and so forth. I feel terrible even admitting that I thought that because I later found out that she had a really difficult past, including a lot of health problems which she overcame. When I found this out I looked over and smiled at her, and she smiled back the most genuine, and kind smile. My opinion of her changed immediately. But the thing is, I shouldn’t have formed that opinion in the first place. We can be such assholes to one another.

The second example I want to talk about is an article I read on LinkedIn the other day that was talking about a VC judging people based on the car that they drive. What a load of crap. Here’s the link to the article if you’re interested. I couldn’t help but comment on it. Contrary to what this VC thinks, there are so many unknowns. You can’t even judge a person’s financial situation based on the car they drive. Plenty of people drive cars way below their means because they have different priorities. They know that a car is not a good investment, because as soon as its driven off the lot it’s already depreciated in value. On the flip side, there are people who buy cars way above their means just for show. There are a million and one other factors, but point being don’t judge. If you want to know more about a person just ask them. Walk up to them and make conversation, pretend it’s 1990 again and speak. People are friendlier than you think, and mostly love to talk about themselves.

And finally, I was in a bad part of town recently. And when I say bad I mean just a few weeks ago gun shots were exchanged. It’s not very affluent and has a bad reputation. I decided to do some grocery shopping while I was in that neighborhood. If you put your preconceived notions aside you will see the human side of every neighborhood. You will realize that while crime exists, there are also innocent and peaceful people in these neighborhoods that are just like everyone else. It was so heartwarming to overhear a conversation between an older gentleman and a younger woman. It seems they have known each other for a long time but haven’t been in touch in a long while. It was so sweet to hear them catch up, and listen to him ask about her son. They smiled and were so kind.


So step outside your asshole bubble and open up your world. You will be surprised at who you will meet, and what you might discover.

Outfit of the day – J.Crew dress shirt


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I don’t normally wear dress shirts, but boy oh boy things are about to change! I am in love with this top!

I got it at the J.Crew outlet store at the Toronto Premium Outlets in Mississauga for $35. It’s similar to this one but not quite it. I think the selection will vary by store.

It looks very professional for work, but I can definitely see myself dressing it up, wearing it with jeans, and just really any multitude of outfits. Great for fall!

The coloring of it is interesting enough to make it unique but also simple that it can be used as a basic, and layered with colours, jewelry, or a nice jacket.

j crew top2

Here are some other awesome and similar suggestions:

br top    fcuk PORCELAIN-SHEEN-SHIRTfcuk Shrimpy-Cotton-Check-Shirt   club monaco p18486774_lifestyle

Happy shopping!


Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® COLOR


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I have to tell you about this lipstick, or lip stain rather.
A friend told me about it a while ago. She claimed that it stays on all night. What are the chances of a color staying on your lips after you eat, drink, kiss, or whatever else you do? But I figured I’d try it. It only cost $12 so I didn’t have too much to lose but potentially a new favorite to gain!

This lipstick is available in 30 different wonderful shades (click on picture for link). The one I’m wearing is ‘Keep up the Flame’ #025, but I have a feeling I’ll be adding more to my collection. This lipstick has 2 sides to it. One is the actual colour, and the other is the hydrating balm. After applying the colour your lips will feel a bit dry but that’s ok. Make sure the color dries completely and then apply the balm, which will hydrate your lips and add shine.


So now that you’ve applied your favorite shade, are the claims true? Will it really stay on all night?? I tested it. As you know from my “Cirque du Soleil in Toronto” post, I went out with my family and wore this lipstick. Needless to say, I had to kiss them all! We also had some food and drinks. We laughed, we talked, we smiled for pictures – plenty of lip movement! And let me tell you my lipstick stayed on! I couldn’t believe it either. It doesn’t budge, it just lasts and lasts. So you better gift it to all your annoying aunts that leave red lips on your cheeks and stop dreading their arrival. This stuff is for real.


Is it permanent you ask? How will I take it off if it’s got such staying power? Good questions my friends! Quite frankly, I use Vaseline and it works wonderfully! Put some Vaseline on a cotton pad and rub it off. I find that Vaseline is great at getting all the colour off so you don’t have to go to sleep wearing makeup. Although it wouldn’t rub off or anything, so you might look quite glam… ;)

no lipstick

Have you tried any Maybelline Color stay colours yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!



Cirque du Soleil in Toronto


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I’ve seen Cirque du Soleil perform 3 times already, twice here in Toronto, and once in Vegas, and I will gladly see them 100 more times. I can’t tell you how fantastic their shows are! I find myself on the edge of my seat every time. Each number is unique, creative, and entertaining. Kudos to the creative minds behind theses shows. The stories, the sets, the numbers, everything is so elaborate and imaginative.

This time the show I saw was called KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities and it certainly did not disappoint! I went to see the show with my entire family, I mean ENTIRE family – there was 15 of us, which also meant we got a group rate! When you buy tickets make sure that you don’t have an obstructed view – there are a few poles in the tent which can block your view. Other than the obstructions though, it doesn’t matter how close or far, or on which side you sit because the horseshoe shaped stage allows for great visibility no matter where you are. The beautiful thing with Cirque du Soleil shows is you don’t need to speak the language to enjoy it. My grandparents who do not speak English came with us and had the time of their life!

The level of professionalism is so astonishing. The amount of hours put into practicing these routines must be insurmountable because the performers make it look so easy. You have complete faith that the gymnasts, tumblers, and acrobats will land safely yet you can’t help but gasp for air each time they throw themselves up in the air again.

It is a show for all ages, all occasions, and just overall an incredible spectacle. I truly recommend everyone to go see it!

Here is the look I went with:

cirquedusoleil outift

I decided to tone it down on the eyes, by not filling in my brows, going thinner on the eyeliner, and using lighter eye shadows in order to play up a bold red lip.


Share your thoughts with me in the comments! Have you been to Cirque du Soleil?



TIFF at Yorkville


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Hi guys! So I haven’t posted anything in 5 days *Gasp*! I know. I even missed Thursday Thought! But here’s why: As you know TIFF is in town, so naturally I had to be there. My friends and I didn’t get tickets to see any movies, not yet anyway, but we really wanted to be downtown for the hoopla of opening night! While we probably should have gone to King St. W. we decided to make our way to Yorkville instead, in the hopes of spotting some stars enjoying their evening. If you’ve never been to Toronto, you have to visit Yorkville. It’s a really cute area to just walk through, grab some lunch, go for drinks, and of course shop. This is the expensive shopping part of town, so if you’re into that sort of thing it’s fantastic! Just name it, it’s there. Otherwise, Yorkville is really great for window-shopping and inspiration. Because it’s an expensive area your chances of spotting celebrities there are pretty good all year round, not to mention during TIFF time.

What we learned is that to sit on the patio of certain places around TIFF time you need to make reservations. I’m pretty sure there were free tables but they must have been saved for celebs. Obviously we just didn’t cut it. Anyway, we ended up going to this adorable Italian restaurant called Trattoria Nervosa, and sat on their rooftop patio.

If you go, you should try their pizza and Aperol Spritzers. Both were divine! The pizza has a super thin crust, and tasted really fresh. They told us it was small, but we found it to be perfect for sharing.

nervosa trattoriaHere is my look for the night:


A stronger, bolder eye look looks great in pictures. Unless of course you’re trying to capture the look on camera and use a very bright flash, as you can see below :P


I went for a strong eye and nude lip. To really make the look dramatic, I used the light purple Stila Shimmer all over my lid. I used a maroon shade in my crease and blended the two together with the medium purple shade. And as always, I filled in my brows to frame my eyes. I used Annabelle Liquid eyeliner and L’Oreal mascara to tie everything together.


I went pretty bold with my accessories since my dress was very simple.

outift.1Let me know what you guys think! Have you been to TIFF yet? Where did you go?


Back to School Shopping Pain


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First of all, welcome back and congratulations to all of the kids starting a new school year!! You’ll do great!!

Second of all, let’s talk back to school shopping. I never understood the ‘back to school’ shopping thing. While I understand that there are certain supplies you need for the first day of school I never understood why everything you brought with you for the first day of school had to be new. At the end of every school year I had plenty of pencils, pens that worked, erasers, sharpeners, a calculator etc. left. Sure you probably need new notebooks, more paper, some nice folders to hand in project, but even binders (depending on their condition) can be re-used! What do you do with all the old stuff anyway? Do you ration just right and actually use everything up by the end of June? Or do you have a nice big garage sale to get rid of everything in the summer, to justify buying all new things? More than money, my question is about hoarding. Where does all the stuff go? I hate having excess. Maybe that’s my OCD talking, but I just don’t see the point in having more than you need. New feels nice, but not new everything.

“Back to school” is a fantastic marketing ploy. You tell people it’s something they need, you put sale signs everywhere and you got yourself a winning formula for getting crowds of people in the door. So for everyone in marketing, and product management, kudos and congrats! Shoppers, you probably don’t need as much as you think you do.

Of course I’ve bought some clothes recently. Who hasn’t?? (I’ll post a clothing haul soon). But picking up a few new pieces is not the same as replacing your whole wardrobe. Kids grow, and outgrow their clothes periodically so sure I get it you have to buy them new stuff. Ma gawd these things must be expensive! What I don’t understand is why each school age kid is suddenly a different size in the beginning of each school year? They don’t grow any other time? Seriously, I’m not a parent so maybe that’s how growth spurts work. They only reveal themselves when it’s time to shop. Who knows?

And lastly, why must we be defined by our stuff? I know that in school kids are judgmental and you want to put your best foot forward, and that means looking new and shiny, and that’s a problem in itself so I won’t go into this too much. I just think that we should be concentrating on teaching kids the importance of their wonderful personalities, their ideas, and their creativity. They shouldn’t be defined by clothes. I’m sure your kids are just as smart, and adorable in last year’s clothes (if they fit).

This is just my opinion, and I don’t know how many of you will agree with it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re frugal and you hate clutter.

Please share your opinions with me in the comments!

back to school pain

L’Oreal Wishful Pinking


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Sometimes it’s the simple things.

This nail polish is so soft, yet it immediately gives your nails a more, no pun intended, polished look. This nail polish makes me feel more put together. Just like a simple pink gloss. And let me tell you that L’Oreal makes fantastic nail polishes. I have quite a few so I know! The brush is great, and makes for simple and neat application. The consistency of the nail polish is excellent because it stores well, and doesn’t clump up or dry up. It preserves well both in the bottle and on your nails!

and Wishful Pinking?? How cute!!

Loreal nailpolish.wishful.pinking




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